Pain Relief Treatments in High Point, NC

The Hands-On Approach to Wellness

Treat your body with professional massage therapy at Hands-On Health Massage and Physical Therapy. Located in High Point, NC, we offer a wide range of medical massage therapy services for many health ailments. The services we offer include medical massages, massage therapy, physical therapy, and relaxation massages. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits these services offer.

Services With Malia

  • Physical Therapy - using manual therapy, exercise instruction, body mechanics training, and physical modalities to treat muscle and joint problems and help your body heal properly
  • Myofascial Release -  realigning connective tissue, which is continuous head to toe in the body
  • Postural Realignment -  using various techniques to help you find more effortless posture to enhance functional abilities
  • Trigger Point (Neuromuscular) Therapy - treating trigger points that refer pain elsewhere in the body
  • Pain Management -  using our many techniques to custom design a way for you to take control of your pain, instead of letting it control you
  • Lymphatic Balancing -  gentle techniques to improve the function and health of the lymphatic system, a key part of the immune system
  • Deep Tissue Massage - used for stress management

Services With Tonya

  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage -  using well-known Swedish massage techniques but combining any other technique needed for your specific physiology
  • Trigger Point (Neuromuscular) Therapy -  treating trigger points that refer pain elsewhere in the body
  • Medical Massage Therapyusing massage to treat a specific medical issue (may require a prescription from a Health Care Professional)
  • Deep Tissue Massage -  using myofascial cupping and heated bamboo for a deep yet relaxing massage
  • Lymphatic Balancing -  gentle techniques to improve the function and health of the lymphatic system, a key part of the immune system
  • Active Isolated Stretching - Mattes Method to promote flexibility
  • Prenatal Massage - to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy
  • Oncology (Cancer) Massage -  to help relieve pain and reduce stress during this difficult time in your life

Our Rates

Investing in massage therapy and physical therapy is an investment in your health.

Massage Therapy: 

  • 30-Minute Session $50     
  • 60-Minute Session $80  
  • 90-Minute Session $110
  • 120-Minutes Session $140

Physical Therapy:

  • 30-Minute Session $60
  • 60-Minute Session $100

We are also available for on-site chair massages at your business or event. Call, text, or email us for rates.

Call Us With Questions

(336) 906-2040

If you have any questions about any of our policies or the services we offer, simply give us a call. Hands-On Health Massage and Physical Therapy is here with the massage therapy services you need to get the pain relief you deserve.

"Tonya did a wonderful massage. I felt great thanks!"

David N

"I've been using Hands on Health for several years now and could not be more pleased with their services. Their staff listens to my concerns and addresses them directly and effectively. My issues were mainly with the back and neck. After treatment, I was given a series of stretches and other procedures to strengthen my core. Their knowledge of the bone ,muscle and nerve relationships that involve injury is unsurpassed in any of my previous experiences. I'm also pleased I don't have to drive to Winston-Salem or Greensboro for professional bodywork as I did for many years."

David J.

"Malia and Tonya are both skilled in theraputive massage therapy. My sciatica and neck are my trouble spots and my monthly massage has done wonders to make me more comfortable."

Susan J.